• Made in Germany

    Tiger Ping Pong combines form and function to create great looking equipment that's built to last. Innovative table tennis equipment suits every style of player from professional to recreational.
  • Made in France

    Cornilleau has evolved into the world leader in table tennis design, with highly innovative and top-quality products. A highly comprehensive range of leisure products developed for top-level competition combines ergonomics, safety and design.
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  • $1200
    Standard size ping pong table that offers quality production and materials and ease of use.

  • $987
    Portland Indoor (Green Table Top)
    Portland Indoor (Blue Table Top)
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    The Portland ping pong table combines professional features with great looks.

  • $399
    Convert any table into a playable ping pong surface with the Conversion Top (Black table top only).

  • $1247
    Whistler Indoor (Green Table Top)
    Whistler Indoor (Blue Table Top)
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    Built to professional standards, the Whistler is a great looking table that’s a dream to play on.

  • $950
    Sport 300 Indoor is the best selling indoor table in the extensive Cornilleau range.

  • $4000
    The Cornilleau Park table was produced to compete with the 'old fashioned' concrete tables.

  • $1039
    Expo Outdoor (Green Table Top)
    Expo Outdoor (Blue Table Top)
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    With this ping pong table you can play outdoor table tennis all year round.

  • $1550
    Sport 500 Outdoor (Blue Table Top)
    Sport 500 Outdoor (Gray Table Top)
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    High quality production and materials, ease of use, an excellent safety design.

  • $1600
    The Cornilleau Pro 510 Outdoor Stationary Table Tennis Table is designed for heavy duty use.

  • $1247
    Portland Outdoor (Green Table Top)
    Portland Outdoor (Blue Table Top)
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    Play outdoors all year round with the Portland Outdoor ping pong table.

  • $831
    The Expo is a great looking ping pong table that's built to last.

  • $1450
    The compact technology system undoubtedly represents the best offer on the market.

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  • Michael Unger & DJ Dustin Bromley

    Hootsuite's main headquarter offices located in Vancouver, B.C.

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  • What colour surface is best?

    The colour of the table top surface is important because it needs to provide a good contrast between the floor, the walls and the background colours of the playing area.

    Traditionally, the surface of a table tennis table was always green or grey but, in order to make them visually better for television audiences, there was a period of experimentation with different colours during the early 1990s.

    A matt blue colour was eventually chosen as the preferred colour, primarily because it complements the (reddish) colour of the floor covering which is now used for all the top tournaments.

    And the International Table Tennis Federation now only authorise blue or green tables - although you may find that green tables are more readily available.

    However, the choice is yours!

  • Tiger Ping-Pong party in Vancouver

    Dustin Bromley (left) and Michael Unger have paddled their way from the Biltmore to the Chinatown Night MarketLike most things handed down from the British aristocracy—fox hunting, peerages, Prince Philip—table tennis is basically ridiculous, and certainly

    pointless. Ignoring for the moment that it was invented by the chinless gentry, Dustin Bromley and Michael Unger both agree that there’s just something inescapably goofy about a game played with tiny balls and cartoon-coloured bonsai paddles.

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