Hello, TIGER

 Our mission here at Tiger PingPong is to bring the fun of table tennis to everyone.  We focus on making quality products that you will enjoy using. 

Uniquely Canadian

Our head office is located in Vancouver, British Columbia. Everything from customer service to product design is handled in our Vancouver office. If you ever need help with any of our products, you will connect directly to our team right here in Vancouver.  

Father and daughter playing ping pong outside on a green table with extra large ping pong paddles.
Tiger ping pong factory building from above.

Made in Germany

We have searched the globe for the best manufacturing partners. Balancing the complexities of supply chain management, raw material sourcing, advanced manufacturing and tooling with the labour required to produce high-quality products is difficult. That’s why we have built decades-long relationships with partners across Germany and Europe.   

Why we do it

We started Tiger because dealing with some of the other manufacturers was less than pleasant. Our team has decades of experience in the gameroom industry.  Table tennis should be fun! So that was our mission. To be the fun ones. To think differently. To bring quality products to market for everyone to enjoy. 

Two men playing ping pong. Hitting the ping pong ball on a blue table facing the camera. One man in grey t-shirt and the other in a white shirt with a black bow tie.