A Brief History of Ping Pong

History of ping pong Community centres, backyards, gyms, bars, and family game rooms; Ping Pong, also known as table tennis, earns its title as one of the most popular games in the world by being a centrepiece in homes and establishments all around the globe.  But how did this come to be? How did such […]

How to Practice Ping Pong by Yourself

How to Practice Ping Pong Solo There’s a big dilemma in ping pong. If you want to get good at ping pong, you need to practice, but anyone who has played the game for a short while will know that it’s often hard to practice table tennis alone. It can be equally as hard to find […]

The Laws of Table Tennis

Official rules of table tennis, or to use their more official title – The Laws of Table Tennis – set by the International Table Tennis Federation are the same for both amateurs and professionals, BUT for higher levels of play, there are many additional regulations which supplement the simple ping pong rules explained below. How many additional […]