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Tiger PingPong accessories are available through the Olhausen Billiards dealer network.

the all around champ

for Any skill level

With a 1.8 mm sponge, the Sniper paddle offers great all-around play. A universal paddle for the masses. This paddle is suitable for the most basic player to someone who knows how to get some spin and speed on the ball. 

Sniper ping pong paddle with multi colored face.
Sniper ping pog paddle with a red rubber face.

Premium Rubber

Great Rebound

Injection molded rubber provides a rebound perfect for that winning sniper shot.

40mm 3-Star balls

X3 in each package

Every Sniper paddle package comes included with 3 x 40mm 3-Star balls. 

three orange ping pong balls.
Great paddles for the price. I can get some spin on them and the kids enjoy them too.
Reno, NV
Purchased a couple of sets for our office. Seem good so far.
Cupertino, CA