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Built to professional standards, made in Germany, the Whistler Indoor Ping Pong Table is a good-looking table that's a dream to play on.

Precision height adjusters keep the playing surface level while lockable wheels hold the table in place.

The Whistler is built to international table tennis standards and has a sleek design to suit any modern room setting.



The Whislters 1" Chipboard table top is manufactered to tournemnt specifications ensuring perfect bounce.

Thickness: 1" 25 mm Multi-coated Chipboard
Color: Green and Blue
Frame profile A-60mm, powder-coated



Rectangle-tube-profile 40 x 40 mm
Powder-coated square-profile
4 wheels
Leg levelers adjustable up to 25mm



Just give the bright red bar a gentle pull upwards to unlock the safety mechanism. Then with the other hand pull down to open or push up to close. It's that easy. The opening mechanism has safety features to help prevent a top from unexpectedly crashing down on anyone below

Technical Specs:

Drawbar underneath the tabletop unlocks both of the safety devices simultaneously.


The included net stays fixed at all times and id easily height and tension adjustable. No clamp-on nets to deal with. No parts to get lost. It’s just always ready when you are.

Technical Specs:

Net: Black Polyethylene
Adjustable: Yes, Height & Tension Adjustable 
Removable or Fixed: Fixed, Remains in place when the table is folded


A low profile table design and  easy roll loacking wheels around the table make the Portland Indoor easy to pull out and out away when finsihed. The table will roll smoothy across any home floor types. 

Technical Specs:

Wheels: 4 wheels 100mm with rubber tread
Locking: Yes, 2 Wheels Lock



ORIGINAL PACKAGING: 144 x 22 x 162 cm
WEIGHT (Gross/Net): 120 / 109 kg
STORAGE POSITION: 152-184 x 70 x 155 cm
PLAYING POSITION: 274 x 152 x 76 cm